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How to install the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

You will be downloading the following files: (7,863 KB) (3,558 KB) (21,945 KB) (2,543 KB)

(At the time of writing this document, these are the file names and file sizes.
 Future versions of GIMP may have different file names and sizes.)

These files are compressed files which need to be "unzipped" using the 
WinZip.exe application (or other decompression software).

A trial version of WinZip.exe can be downloaded from here:

1.  Go to the GIMP website

2.  In the left-hand column, click on "GIMP for Windows". 

3.  Click on the "Automated Installer" link in the centre of the page.

4.  In the left-hand column, click on the "Stable version" link.

5.  Download the following:

    The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.10) (download from location Seattle, Washington)


    GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment (version 2.6.10-20050823, for Windows 98/ME and NT4)
    (Note, if you're running on Windows 2000, select the alternate GTK)

    If you have enough disk space, it's also recommended to
    download the "Additional Packages":

    GIMP Help 2 (version 0.9)


    GIMP Animation Package (version 2.2.0)

6.  Using WinZip, or other compression software,
    decompress each downloaded file to its executable version (.exe).

    gimp-2.2.10-i586-setup.exe (7,885 KB)
    gtk+-2.6.10-20050823-setup.exe (3,581 KB)
    gimp-help-2-0.9-setup.exe (21,960 KB)
    gimp-gap-2.2.0-setup.exe (2,567 KB)

7.  Before installing GIMP, you need to close any programs you're currently running.

8.  Double click on the gtk+-2.6.10-20050823-setup.exe file to run it.

    NOTE: you must run this file before running gimp-2.2.10-i586-setup.exe

    During the installation process, accept all defaults.

9.  Double click on the gimp-2.2.10-i586-setup.exe file to run it.

    During the installation process, accept all defaults.

10. Run the the help and animation files, if you downloaded these optional features.

11. To run GIMP under Windows, click on the "start" button on the desktop,
    then "All Programs", then "GIMP", then "GIMP 2".

If you installed the Help system, you will be able to use the system 
to get more detailed help on how to use GIMP to generate and 
manipulate graphic (and animation) files.


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