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Dr Anne Dawson and Dr Bjarne Stroustrup

Dr Anne Dawson and Dr Bjarne Stroustrup 
at the WCCCE 2009 Conference

About me: I've been programming 
since 1975 after being introduced 
to the binary numbering system 
and George Boole a few years earlier 
whilst in grammar school in England. 
I completed my PhD in Chemistry 
using one of the world's first personal 
computers (before Microsoft) 
to analyze my results. 
Realizing that computer science 
suited me better than chemistry, 
I completed an MSc in Computer Science
in 1988. After 48 years of programming,
I've learned a lot, 
but I'm still learning. 
After teaching university transfer courses 
in Computer Science and Programming 
for over twenty years, 
I'm now focused on 
Android app development using Kotlin, 
and on my online teaching.



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