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Dr Anne Dawson 


M.Sc. Computer Science
1988 - Bradford University, UK

Certificate of Education
1984 - Huddersfield Polytechnic, UK

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
1981 - University of Salford, UK

B.Sc. (Hons) Biological Chemistry/Physiology
1975 - University of Salford, UK

Computer Science Education

Continuous computer science studies since 1975:

2020 - ongoing

Current studies: Kotlin / Android

1999 - 2020 (Computer Science Department Head)
Coquitlam College, BC, Canada

Ubuntu Linux
C / C++ / Java / Python / PHP 

1996 - 1997

BCIT, Burnaby, BC
Understanding Objects, C++


Sun Microsystems Seminar, Vancouver, BC
Introducing Java

1993 - 1994 

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
C / Unix 


Leeds University, UK
Dell PC, Unix refresher course, dBase III+
dBase IV, Clipper 5, Informix SQL (v 4.1)


Leeds University, UK 
C Conversion course 


Mentor (Admiral) 
Interactive Training Ltd, UK
Mentor and TenCORE Authoring, 
DACL, Microsoft Pascal (v 3.3)


ICL Training Centre, UK
ICL DRS300, Unix, COBOL 


Bradford University, UK 
MSc Computer Science, Unix, Pascal, C 

1985 - 1987 

Women's Technology Centre, Leeds, UK
VAX 8650 VMS, VAX VMS Pascal, 
VAX VMS BASIC, MSDOS, Idris (Unix), C 

1981 - 1985 

Leeds University, UK
Amdahl mainframe computer, BBC model B micro computer, 
Amstrad PC, Waterloo BASIC, BBC BASIC, Z80, 
6502, Prolog, Lisp, 
Apple IIe with modem link to Amdahl Computer 

1975 - 1981 

Salford University, UK 
Fortran, Algol 60, BASIC 

1965 - 1975

Billinge Grammar School, UK
The binary numbering system, 
Boolean algebra, Boolean logic

MSc in Computer Science 

Computer Systems Architecture 
Computer Systems Organisation 
Programming in Pascal 
Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems (IKBS)/
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Real Time Programming 
Database Management Systems (DBMS) 
Programming in C 

Position in class: 5th of 45  
Top student in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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