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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Register your website with all search engines 
- starting with the most popular: Google.

Click here to register your website with Google. 

Click here to read about SEO on W3Schools and to register your website with other search engines.

Have a memorable, (short preferably) domain name like or
Go to:
 to check for available domain names.

W3C Quality Tips for Webmasters:
Quality Tips

Pay attention to Web Design:
Web Design

Have an icon for your website, 
e.g. look at the icon on your browser tab for

The home page is crucial: it has to look very professional, 
- updated every week. Every week.

The other pages - the "information" pages, like schedules,
important dates, etc - you can use, "as is", because the style is not
so important here - it's the accurate information that is important.

Have information really easy to find:
Have a website map.
Have a web search text box.

Video clips are good for attracting an audience, 
but take time and slow down the main website page
- so put them on another page, e.g. the Events and Activities page.

If there are any document files (.doc, .pdf, .doc. .txt etc) linked to the website, 
convert them to .html files,
so you can place links and meta and title etc on every page.

Have lots of links on every page.

Put a Copyright notice on every page (footnote). 

Put a Privacy notice on every page (footnote).

Good content on the home page repeating meta keywords.
Meta tags - title, description, keywords CRUCIAL:
use succinct and few key short meta descriptions.

Spattering of keywords in copy on the home page.

Home page image with alt attribute containing main keywords.

Add new web pages often - keep your site fresh.

Have a "Last updated" statement with the current date to prove your site is current.

Update the index page often - 
even if only to update the "Last updated" statement
(this is what programmers mean by 'touching' the file.)

Have high quality content - especially on the home page.
Absolutely no spelling errors.

Use uppercase and lowercase but NOT ALL CAPITALS -
it looks like you're SHOUTING.

No dead links.

All web pages validated for quality.

Links links links, from everywhere to your home page.

Request related quality websites like provide a link to your website.

Have your website address on all your promotional material: 
business cards, notepaper etc.

Make web pages sticky (i.e. hard to leave).

Boomerang effect: give your website audience a reason to return to your website -
for example, if your browsers are university students, 
give them a little tool to calculate their GPAs, 
a tool to determine the final exam score they must achieve to get an A grade, 
provide exam results, exam timetables, transcripts, etc.

Register your domain name for longer than 2 years (proof of permanence) -
this suggests that the website is an established website.

Tailor the robots.txt website file, see: 
SEO Consultants

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