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How to install Python 3 and run Python programs using the IDLE editor

by Dr Anne Dawson

Watch the Python IDLE Editor installation movie below (12 minutes)...

Python with IDLE installation video (11 minutes)

Watch the IDLE Editor movie below (11 minutes)...

Python Editor IDLE video (11 minutes)

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Watch the movie: How to install Python 3 (with IDLE) and run a simple Python 3 program

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Important note:

At the time of writing this document 
the current version of the Python interpreter software 
is version 3. Please note that Python 3 is ***NOT*** 
compatible with some earlier versions of Python. 

Be aware that there are some significant differences
 between Python 3 and earlier versions. 
For beginner Python programmers, the main ones
are that the print statement of Python 2.x 
is now a print function in Python 3,
the raw_input function in Python 2.x 
is replaced by the input function in Python 3,
and an integer division such as 2/3 in Python 2.x 
is now a real division in Python 3. 

For experienced programmers, also check out 
the range() and string formatting differences outlined here:

A full list of differences between Python 2.x 
and Python 3 can be found here:
Newer versions of Python 3 will be released
in the future. Newer versions of Python 3 
will (hopefully) be backward compatible - 
which means that if you write Python programs
using version 3, they should still run using
future versions of the Python 3 interpreter. 
You should always download the latest version 
of the software as it will contain the latest
features and bug fixes.


1. Go to the Python web site

You will see this screen:

Python 3 installation screen 001

2. Download the Python software

The instructions on this page were written 
for Python version 3.3.2 
and should work for all versions 3.x. 

Click on the DOWNLOAD link 
on the left hand side of Python's home page. 

You should then see the following screen:

Python 3 installation screen 002

To download and install Python 3 for Windows, 
click on the link for Python 3.3.2 Windows x86 MSI Installer  
shown in the screen above.

Click on the downloaded python-3.3.2.msi file 
and follow the friendly instructions
to install Python 3.3 on your computer.

After the installation is completed, 
you can then start up Python's editor (IDLE)
to create and run Python programs, see below...


Follow these instructions to write and run a simple Python 3 program using the IDLE editor:

Watch the IDLE Editor movie below (11 minutes)...

Python Editor IDLE movie

Python Editor IDLE written instructions

Example Python 3 Programs
Example Python 2 Programs

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