CSCI165 - Final Exam Study Guide -------------------------------- /*********************************************************************/ This document is subject to change. Please monitor regularly. REFRESH THIS PAGE FOR LATEST VERSION /*********************************************************************/ Last updated: Wednesday 8th July 2009, 14:07 PT, AHD ************************************* Students should review past quiz and midterm exam questions on the following topics in preparation for the final exam. ************************************* The chapters on "Multimedia" and "The Internet" covered in the first few weeks of the semester will NOT be on the final exam. Topics tested on the final exam are: HTML XHTML CSS and Web Design Python Programming Web Programming REFRESH THIS PAGE FOR LATEST VERSION SEE BELOW FOR SAMPLE FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS -> *************************************************** Example questions (some with answers) follow: *************************************************** Written Question: Using text and graphics, show how this XHTML code would display in a browser: ABC
******* Answer: ----------------------- |A | | ------------ | |B | D | ------------ | |C | | ----------------------- ************************************************************************************* Written Question: What are the most important differences between HTML and XHTML? ****** Answer: see course resources ************************************************************************************* Written Question: How are style statements added to an XHTML web page? ******* Answer: see course resources ************************************************************************************* Short Answer Question: Write a Python program to enter an integer number, and output the word "Odd" if it is an odd number (1,3,5,7 ...) otherwise output the word "Even" ******* Answer: x = input("Please enter a whole number") x = int(x) if x % 2 == 1: print ("Odd") else: print ("Even") ************************************************************************************* Predict-the-output Question: What is the output of this Python program? x = 17 % 5 / 2 * 3**3 print (x) ******* Answer: 27.0 ************************************************************************************* Predict-the-output Question: What is the output of this program? ******* Answer: 1x3 2x6 3x12 4x16 5x25 6x30 *************************************************************************************