CSCI165 - Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

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General Outline Required Course Textbook Python Textbook (pdf download) Details Resources Academic Earth Lectures

Summer 2015

Week / Class Lecture / Topic In-Class Assignment Homework
1-1 Intro to Multimedia , The Internet and The WWW Lab 1A Read Chap 9 Rec. Book / Read Chap 1 Req. Book
1-2 The Internet and HTML / Notepad
File Transfer to Web Server
Lab 1B Read Chapter 9 Rec. Book / HTML Tutorial / Read Chap 2 Req. Book
2-1 The Internet and HTML / Notepad
File Transfer to Web Server
Lab 2A Read Chapter 9 Rec. Book / HTML Tutorial / Read Chap 2 Req. Book
2-2 The Internet and HTML / Notepad
File Transfer to Web Server
Lab 2B Read Chapter 9 Rec. Book / HTML Tutorial / Read Chap 2 Req. Book
3-1 Victoria Day - No Classes    
3-2 XHTML Lab 3A XHTML / Read Chap 3 Req. Book
4-1 XHTML Lab 4A XHTML / Read Chap 3 Req. Book
4-2   Quiz 1 on The Internet, HTML/XHTML (Ch1,2,3 Req. Book) Study resources on CSS / Web Design
XHTML / Read Chap 4 Req. Book
5-1 CSS / Numbering Systems
Web Design
Lab 5A Study resources on CSS / Web Design
XHTML / Read Chap 4 Req. Book
5-2 CSS / Numbering Systems
Web Design
Lab 5B Study resources on CSS / Web Design
XHTML / Read Chap 4 Req. Book
6-1 CSS / Numbering Systems
Web Design
Lab 6A Study resources on CSS / Web Design
XHTML / Read Chap 4 Req. Book
6-2   Midterm Exam Study resources on Python Programming
7-1 Python Programming Lab 7A/7B Study resources on Python Programming
7-2 Python Programming Lab 7C/7D Study resources on Python Programming
8-1 Python Programming Lab 8A/8B Study resources on Python Programming
8-2 Python Programming Lab 8C/8D Study resources on Python Programming
9-1   Quiz 2 on Python Programming Study resources on Internet Programming
Read Chaps 5 and 8 Req. Book
9-2 Canada Day - No Classes    
10-1 Internet Programming Lab 10A/10B Study resources on Internet Programming
Read Chaps 5 and 8 Req. Book
10-2 Internet Programming Lab 10C/10D Study resources on Internet Programming
Read Chaps 5 and 8 Req. Book
11-1 Internet Programming Lab 11A/11B Study resources on Internet Programming
Read Chaps 5 and 8 Req. Book
11-2   Quiz 3 on Python Programming and PHP / Internet Programming Study resources on Internet Programming
Read Chaps 5 and 8 Req. Book

Week 12  Final Exam Details
Check college website or admin office notice board for date of final exam. Report exam conflicts ASAP.

(Classwork/Homework Participation 10%, Quizzes 20%, Midterm 30%, Final Exam 40% )

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