Lab Assignments Policy

Last updated: Sunday 10th May 2020, 8:37 PT, AD

Every week there are lab assignments. The assignments will become available at the start of the current week, and have a due date, which each student must check on C4. The current week's resources on C4 are available from the Sunday of the previous week.

The lab assignments are based on the Python 3 topics for the current week. You should do all the reading shown highlighted in yellow on the course schedule. The course schedule and resources are always available here: Study the example programs in the current week on C4 AND watch the videos in the current week on C4 BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE ASSIGNMENT. Post questions on (see Week 1 on C4), and if you need help in person, you can only book an appointment with the instructor through the appointment scheduler at the top of each week on C4.

YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEMPT ALL ASSIGNMENTS. Complete as much as you can and upload whatever you manage to complete before the deadline. You will not lose any points if your program does not run. You will lose Participation points if you fail to log in to your course on C4 on your designated days or you fail to upload your assignments.


On this course you are eligible to earn up to three bonus points. These points will be added to your overall final grade at the end of the course - after completion of the final exam. This means that in theory it is possible to score 103% on the course. Bonus Point Assignments are announced online on Piazza or C4. The first student to successfully complete the assignment (exactly according to the instructions) will receive one bonus point.


Monitor your course page on C4 for new resources and assignments.

Pay careful attention to all the information shown when you click on the lab assignment link. The lab assignment page will tell you when the lab will be available and will tell you the due date deadline. You may need to scroll down the assignment page to see all the information and the Submission button. If you miss the lab assignment deadline, you will not be able to submit your assignment. Late assignments are not accepted by email.


Good luck and stay safe!