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CSCI120 students: 


The midterm exam is in week 6 of the course. 
The midterm exam is online.
The date and time of the exam 
are posted on C4.
Monitor all instructions 
in the current week on C4.

For exam results, see below...

If you're sick on the day of the exam
you must inform the instructor before the exam starts.

Unauthorised absence from the Midterm exam is an automatic fail.

Students should use either a laptop or a tablet 
to conduct quizzes and exams (no phones). 
The Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended.

Students need to be on camera on BigBlueButton or Zoom 
for the duration of the midterm exam.
Photo ID is required.
All details are shown on C4 in Week 6.


The duration of the midterm exam is 45 minutes:
30 minutes for Part 1 (40 multiple choice questions),
15 minutes for Part 2 (1 written coding question). 

*** Students must have their photo ID
available for inspection before the exam. ***

The midterm exam is worth 30% of the final grade. 

You should focus on the topics 
listed under the "Reading" column
on the course schedule
for all weeks through (from week 1) to midterm. 
Any changes are announced in class.

CLICK HERE for a list of
midterm exam topics
in order of presentation
on the course.

Questions could be based on 
the course resources and notes, 
example programs, and lab activities.

The exam is closed-book, closed-notes. 

You are NOT allowed to communicate 
with other individuals by any means,
electronic or otherwise. 


In tests and exams, 
you should not have any contact with any pre-prepared materials 
(unless you're specifically allowed to do so in that exam) 
or other people (except the people proctoring the exam). 
If this is a surprise to you, 
you should probably withdraw from the University.

Thanks to Greg Baker, SFU Computer Science, for these words.

Questions types may include: multiple choice, true false,
short answer, interpreting code (predict the output),
writing code, as well as other kinds of questions.

Example predict the output questions:

1.  What is the output of this Python program?

x = 17 / 2 % 2 * 3**3
print (x)



2.  What is the output of this Python program?

print (7 > 10)
print (4 < 16) 
print (4 == 4) 
print (4 <= 4)  
print (4 != 4)  




3.  What is the output of this Python program?

num1 = 5
if num1 >= 91:
    num2 = 3
    if num1 < 6:
        num2 = 4
        num2 = 2
x = num2 * num1 + 1
print (x,x%7)

21     0

4.  What is the output of this Python program?

num1 = 4
if num1 % 2 == 0:
    print ("num1 is an even number")
    print ("num1 is an odd number") 

num1 is an even number


All results are entered into Gradebook ASAP.

Your participation and progress are monitored throughout the course.
You may inspect your status report at any time using the online Gradebook

Good Luck!

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