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There are three quizzes worth 20% in total:
Quiz 1 = 6%
Quiz 2 = 6%
Quiz 3 = 8%

The lowest scoring quiz will be dropped.

*** Students must bring their student cards
for inspection before any quiz or exam ***

Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 are 45 minutes duration.
A short review with 
question and answer session 
precedes the quiz.

Both Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 will contain 
20 Multiple Choice/True False questions (60%) 
and approximately 10 short answer questions (40%).

Quiz 3 contains 20 Multiple Choice questions (40%)
and approximately 4 written questions (60%)
where one written question involves writing a computer program 
in the Python 3 programming language.

The lowest scoring quiz will be dropped.

Unauthorized absence from any quiz or exam
results in a score of zero.

Exam Rules
Notes on Academic Honesty (Thanks to Greg Baker, SFU)
Example of Academic Honesty Violation

Quiz 1 Study Guide
Quiz 2 Study Guide
Quiz 3 Study Guide

Topics for each quiz are announced on C4.

Your attendance, conduct and progress are monitored throughout the course.
You may inspect your status report at any time using the online Gradebook
The date of the each quiz is shown in the course schedule.  

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